Dns not resolving. Website not up

i cant add a site for days. Name server pending update

What is the website?

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We went through this sometime

That domain name has been registered through Cloudflare Registrar.

Did you actually try to delete the domain from your account, and are now are trying to re-add it, … or why exactly do you need to add it (again)?

If not, it sounds like you’re performing the changes in the wrong Cloudflare account.

I am a worker assigned. Do i need the actual account

If I’m understanding this correctly, that you are working on behalf of the organisation holding the domain, then there are two options for the organisation holding the domain:

  1. The organisation invite you to become a member to their organisation (e.g. Cloudflare account), with the appropriate permissions, depending on what exactly you need to access to do, on their behalf.
    → https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/members

  2. Give you access to the account that the organisation have the domain in.

No, if you’re going with #1 above, you don’t.

But you will need access to their resources in some way.

The best (as mentioned in #1 above), will be to be invited to their organisation’s Cloudflare account, with the appropriate permissions needed, in order to be able to maintain the domain name (or anything else, that the organisation’s account holds).

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