Dns not resolving to closest server

I am afraid we are going in circles and it all has been addressed already an hour ago by the first response → Dns not resolving to closest server - #2 by sandro

You can only talk to your host, Cloudflare can’t change the routing and the community here can’t do anything either.

I’d suggest you read the article once more and talk to your ISP.

Also, you did not address my certificate concern at all so far. You currently have an insecure site, you know that?

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sorry, I was locked out for 24 hrs for replying to much

I tested 3 other clouflare sites … they all work 100% and goes to the closest datacenter (CPT).
its only this one domain that send 1/3 of the traffic to JNB and rest to LHR.

I’ve tested 3 ISP’s … same story, so this is not ISP related.

I also spoke My ISP and they said , its 'n cloudflare config issue and cloudflare must fix it.




The last domain is on the SAME server as the one that is not working

----------------------------------- DNS results for 2 domains on SAME server ----------------------------
placescarhire.com. 300 IN A
placescarhire.com. 300 IN A

www.places.co.za. 300 IN A
www.places.co.za. 300 IN A
www.places.co.za. 300 IN A

Please explain to me why this is a peering issue if its the same ISP same Server hosting both websites?

The server which hosts the sites naturally is irrelevant, it is about the network ranges of the proxies.

I am sorry, but as I already said, we are going in circles. This is a routing issue which your ISP should look into, if they can’t do that, your only option would be to upgrade to a paid plan as there Cloudflare typically tries to ensure “better” routing, but even that is not guaranteed.

This issue has been discussed a million times and if you had used the search (as you were supposed to) we wouldn’t have needed a 20-posting-long thread to rehash something which was addressed more than once.

If you believe Cloudflare has to fix something here you are certainly free to open a support ticket and request that fix, but I can tell you already now you’ll most likely end up with a similar response.

Plus, I addressed the blatant security issue of your site quite a few times but you keep ignoring it. I’d say an insecure site should be of a bigger concern than a few more milliseconds.

Sandro. I’m not ingore the security issue. its not the point of this post.

You are not understanding what the problem is. the places.co.za domain is resolving to LONDON ip address, which is located in LONDON. I’m NOT IN LONDON

so for me to get to the london address, my isp have to route the traffic to london. its is that simple.

As said before… I’ve logged the call with my ISP… they immediately told me its a cloudflare config problem. They do not control how cloudlare routes the data, that is cloudflare.

And as I also mentioned. I’ve tried 3 ISP’s in South africa. They are all routing the traffic to LONDON, not SOUTH AFRICA

3 other cloudflare hostied sites are routing correct. so why is this 1 not routing correct. this is not a ISP issue.

I probably should mention… this is not few MS… we talking SECONDS… its 1-2 SECONDS slower

You do, because you haven’t addressed it at all, and that should be fixed first. Right now your site simply is not secure.

And yes, I fully understand what the problem is, otherwise I would have not provided the link in my very first response which addresses your issue.

It does not resolve to a British IP address, but to a generic Cloudflare address which happens to be routed to London. This is something Cloudflare partially has control over (and which they try to make sure of on the higher paid plans) and your ISP has full control over.

But all of that is covered in the article which I posted two days ago already and you would have also found that via the search in a gazillion other postings. So I am really not sure why we need to rehash that.

Once more, this is a routing issue and something your ISP should primarily fix by changing their routing approach for that network range. If they can’t do that you can only open a support ticket with Cloudflare but I can rather guarantee you won’t get another response there either.

I am sorry but I am closing this now as the community cannot do anything in the first place and we have really exhausted the topic and are only repeating the same things over and over again.

  1. Read the provided article
  2. Use the search for even more details
  3. Contact your ISP
  4. Open a support ticket with Cloudflare

You can always upgrade to a higher plan, that might get you better routing, but - I have to say - that’s not a guarantee either.

Once more, the community cannot do anything in this case.