DNS not resolving on mobile connection

I tried to move my domain (1sticket.com) to Cloudfare, to see how it works before to evaluate the PRO plan
After moving the NS of my domain to cloudfare, all was working fine on wired connection (ADSL / Fiber), but the website was not reachable by mobile connection (3G / 4G)

I verified with 3 different Italian operators, the dns resolver of the provider was unable to find the NS servers for the domain and, as consequence, the domain name to an IP address

Connecting my PC to the iPhone hotspot i tried:
dig +short NS 1sticket.com
with an empty response

What did i do wrong in the configuration?

You currently have four nameservers configured. None of the current configured servers is from Cloudflare.

Were the Cloudflare NS the only ones or did you keep your registrar’s as well?

Propagation needs some time. While in most cases the propagation is done within minutes it could take up to 48 hours. Worst case.

Hi Mark,
thank you for the answer

I reverted back to my original nameservers to avoid loosing traffic on the website
I thought that before the propagation of the new nameservers, the domain was still working with the previous one
I didn’t know there would be up to 48 hours of possible downtime
After switching back to the original nameserver the website was reachable in less than one hour

Now i’m trying to setup the secondary domain (1sticket.it) to see if it is working fine. For this domain name I can wait even 48 hours to check of it works

Thank you again

I tried to change the nameserver for 1sticket.it, but i’m getting an error from my actual provider!
It says: "Invalid nameservers, you can check them from the page: https://dns-check.nic.it/

I’ve seen the same error in other posts, but i didn’t see a possible solution

Thank you again


Which nameservers were you given by Cloudflare?

I suspect it is either the usual problem where a domain is configured on two Cloudflare accounts (with two different pairs of nameservers) and that typically fails as .it insists on verifying nameservers which will fail in such a scenario. Alternatively you might have a DNSSEC issue.

  1. bella.ns.Cloudflare.com
  2. nitin.ns.Cloudflare.com

How can i check the DNSSEC issue?

These would be the correct nameservers for your .it domain.

Your registrar appears to be Aruba, right? Which error message do they give you when you try to change the nameservers? Can you post a screenshot?

It would seem your DNS configuration on Cloudflare is not correct. Your MX record points to an IP address whereas it should point to a hostname. Try removing your MX record, then change your nameservers and then set up your MX record from scratch but point it to a host name instead (if you dont have one for the IP in question create an A record).

Thank you Sandro

I followed your suggestions and it worked

I was able to change the nameservers

Thank you again

After moving 1sticket.it I tried with 1sticket.com
Already working fine on cable connections, but not working with mobile carriers

Works generally fine http://sitemeer.com/#https://1sticket.com

I’d assume it is a DNS propagation thing with your mobile provider. Try in a couple of hours maybe.

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