Dns not resolving:linuxandroid.waxmaidstore.com

Quick Fix 3 should help, I don’t see linuxadroid in the list, Community Tip - Fixing the DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN error, and click the :ngrey: by the A and CNAME record to :orange: them.

There is no subdomain configured in your DNS settings or the orgin IP address that was specfied in your DNS tab is incorrect.

It looks to me that linuxandroid is the first DNS entry. And it is resolving for me.


This is default server vhost. There is nothing here.


Yes this is what I’m seeing.

If it is not expected, check your virtual host configuration in your server. Also your SSL certificate is not valid. Try to get a valid cert installed in your server too. You can generate one Cloudflare Origin Certificate from the dashboard.

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