DNS not resolving even after 24 hours

demo.mahonebayweb.com was configured yesterday to point to a certain IP and was working fine. I then needed to change the IP to but even after 24 hours this change is not reflected. My setup was very simple, with only one A record for the demo subdomain and a CNAME record for *.demo.mahonebayweb.com. I do not need anything at the main domain so no record was added for that, and as I say this setup was working perfectly until I changed the IP. DNS checker shows the domain pointing to the Cloudflare IP of Why is this happening? Why are no changes reflected, even after clearing the Cloudflare cache, turning on development mode, and turning off proxying altogether so CF is only providing DNS?

Hi @william3,

Does pausing Cloudflare completely on the overview page under Advanced Actions make a difference?

If not, can you check that the nameservers showing under your DNS records are:


No, it does not make a difference to pause Cloudflare. The nameservers are correct. Cloudflare is also the registrar of this domain, FYI. I have never run into this before. Any ideas?

So your redorcs are set to :grey: and Cloudflare is paused and it still resolves to Cloudflare IPs. Are you setup with a Cloudflare partner at all?

I’ll escalate this to support, as it does seem odd.

Just like that it seems to be working now. Very strange. I think it’s been resolved.

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That is odd, how long ago did you make the change to unproxied?