DNS not resolved in some countries/IPs & website inaccessible

I initially discovered a problem when support from certain countries couldn’t access the website, they got errors such as “website’s IP address could not be found” / “server IP address could not be found”

DNS checker shows that the DNS are not resolved for certain locations, but locations in the same country are fine.

Checked with my host - they confirmed everything is fine on their end and with the DNS settings inside CF. Sent me to the domain registrar

They checked everything, NS pointing to CF correctly, etc. not found any issue. They suggested a problem is with CF, but I have several sites and none of them is causing a problem (and set-up is almost identical in all)

Basically, nobody knows what’s causing the issue.

Any ideas where else to look?

What’s the domain?

(not sure if these forums are indexed…) so no gaps. top doucko (.) sk

You have a DNSSEC issue and need to fix that at your registrar.


Thanks a lot, just spent 30mins with them and the conclusion was nothing wrong, can’t see what’s wrong… will get back to them!

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