Dns not redirecting correctly

I have tested anre2012

It’s rare case, I have two subdomains but they are not working, but principal domain is correct.

anre2012 > switch to

webmail.anre2012.com >> does not have domain assigned
eloi.anre2012.com >> does not have domain assigned
mail.anre2012.com >> does not have a domain associated, but if I try in whatsmydns >> redirect to

How Can it be?

How should they work, if so?



May I ask what is actually the issue here?
Which tool have you used so far?

Works over HTTP only, obviously not being :orange:, rather :grey: (DNS-only) at Cloudflare dashboard under the DNS tab for your domain anre2021.com?

May I ask does the A webmail pointed to the IP address exist at your DNS tab? The same goes for eloi.

For your IP; I only get the info that there is no reverse (PTR) detected and configured for it.

Therefore, regarding mail, you should leave it :grey: (DNS-only) to make sure your e-mail continues to work propperly:

In my case:

As your screenshot from above post says, kindly read here due to the error you are seeing:

May I ask have you tried clearing your Web browser cache?, or try using a Private Window (also called as Incognito Mode)?, or maybe trying via VPN connection too?

Or by using your mobile device and mobile data connection (cellular, LTE, etc)., may I suggest restarting your home router due to possible DNS cache or your ISP?

If recently changed some DNS records, or moved to Cloudflare, for a proper DNS propagation time, it may take up to 24-48 hours to apply the changes, or at least a half hour for your local DNS to get figure out the newely change and respect it as-is.

Ok, It’s a problem of my internet service provider.

I’ll talk with them.I could conect with 4g and other terminal to the websites I mentioned.

You can close the ticket, it’s not a problem of cloudflare. Thx for all answers.

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