DNS Not Propogating

I have two CNAME records in place as shown in the following screenshot: -

I set the following two nameservers in 123-reg (my registrar) yesterday: -


I’ve tried switching from orange cloud to grey cloud and back again but no joy.

If I search for CNAME records for andrewheys.com and www.andrewheys.com in whatsmydns.net nothing is returned.

Just FYI the website is hosted as an Azure Storage Static Site and as such no IP address is available hence the CNAME approach.

Could really do with some help please!

It works for me with www.andrewheys.com but not for the naked domain

Yes, that’s what I am seeing but no idea how that is working and no idea how to fix the andrewheys.com issue:frowning_face:

Is it suppose to show something different or the same as www. Because if it is the same then you can change the CNAME record for non-www domain to point to your www.

Hi Jake,

It would need to be the same.

How exactly should that CNAME record be configured in that case?


Thanks very much!

I have made that change.

Will leave it for a bit then check in whatsmydns.net again; assume I should see something returned for www.andrewheys.com and andrewheys.com? If nothing shows up any thoughts on what I’d try next?

I forgot a part, you need to make a page forwarding rule.

Brilliant, that seems to have done the trick!

Thanks very much for your assistance!

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