DNS not propergating correctly

Hi everybody,

I’ve been using cloudflare for a numerous websites, but now a problem arises.
The domains is dffp.dk which is moved to use the right nameservers.

The nameservers that cloudflare told me to use is responding to nslookups on the domains as well:

Server: carl.ns.cloudflare.com

Name: dffp.dk

But if you try


** server can’t find dffp.dk: SERVFAIL

The same result for

The domain has been moved to cloudflare 2 weeks ago, and ever since I have tried to get it working.
I’ve even deleted the domain from cloudflare and created it again - same result.

The DNS seems to be propagated to some servers, but not the major onces.
What am I missing?

That domain has DNSSEC enabled for the old name servers. You’ll have to disable DNSSEC at the registrar so your Cloudflare DNS will work.

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