DNS not propagating

Hello. Need help with DNS which is not propagating after 24hr.

mydomain.com registered at Webhost X.
DNS at Webhost X pointed at NS for Webhost Y

Webhost Y is where website is hosted
Webhost Y DNS settings are as follows

A db → pointed at IP on Webhost Y
A (blank) → pointed at IP on webhost Y
A www → pointed at IP on Webhost Y
NS1 → elmo.ns.Cloudflare.com
NS2 → ingrid.ns.Cloudflare.com

Note 1: db is for accessing website db
Note 2: no MX record because not using email for mydomain.com.
Note 3: whois shows Cloudflare for NS

Q1. Do I need to point NS at Webhost X (registrar) to Cloudflare as well?
Q2. Do I need to do anything with A records at Webhost Y? If so, what?

Update 1

Have updated DNS on Webhost X (registrar) to point to Cloudflare.
Propagation has occurred and website now active on Cloudflare.
Actual website is not resolving now; getting 403 forbidden error.

Note 4: Using SSL; applied and configured at Webhost Y.

Update 2

After 30 minutes, website resolving again, but HTTPS not working.
Cloudflare > Crypto states ‘authorizing certificate’ in progress.
non-www to www redirect also not working.
Will continue to wait for SSL/TLS settings to take affect.

Update 3

Cloudflare > Crypto “Always use HTTPS” set to ON.
Website not resolving again; 403 error.

Update 4

After another 30 minutes, website is resolving again.
All appears to be working fine.


Be patient with DNS setting changes.
Hope for a smoother transition to Cloudflare than I had. Lol.
Luckily my website is still in dev, so not public yet.

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:success: glad you got it all sorted out. And thanks for sharing the updates so people can follow along.

Dear Ryan,

Hi, I can’t find in here where to put this request. I changed the Cloudflare DNS settings to Cloudflare ones, which I already had on there before. These were the original settings, which were used to put SSL on my rainbowriting.com domain website:

So I input into the DNS settings over at Siteground, the place that doesn’t host my website (WordPress does or doesn’t also, I think it is the only site host I have, not two of them), the requested change Cloudflare asked me to do once I started an account with them. I didn’t have an account with them before, but somehow I inputted the original (above) DNS settings. Then when I started the CF account I inputted these new settings below, which applying for the CF account gave me:

And now I have no website. Cloudflare advertised no downtime while the transition was being made, and my site is completely down and totally inaccessible. It won’t load under any method. I’m sure my tweaking the DNS settings is exactly what caused it. The system said to wait 24 hours for the transition to take place. I did it at about 5:30 pm yesterday, it is now 7 pm today.

The 24 hours are over, and still no website. Can you help me? Thanks, Karen

None of those Cloudflare name servers have info on your site. As a side note, you should only be using two of those name servers, not all four. Now the trick is to figure out which two you’re supposed to be using.

How are you accessing your Cloudflare account? Is it from where your site hosted, or is it directly at Cloudflare?

I wasn’t clear on where your site is hosted.

If all else fails, switch back to your original DNS servers until your Cloudflare settings are fixed.

Hi Karen,

I have a few questions that may help myself or others troubleshoot your situation:

  1. Are you using Siteground as your hosting provider? It sounds like you are…
  2. Did you register your domain with Siteground?
    • Whois info states your domain was registered with another registrar. Did you transfer it to Siteground at some point?

I’m not really familiar with Siteground or their integration partnership with Cloudflare - based on the Siteground tutorials it appears a bit complex.

To confirm - your domain is currently utilizing 4 Cloudflare nameservers, and as @sdayman pointed out you’re only supposed to be using 2.

Answer to this question will definitely help!

  • If you are using the Cloudflare[dot]com dashboard your assigned nameservers will appear on the DNS tab about halfway down the page.
  • If you are using Siteground’s interface… I’m not sure where that info would be located (and google is no help right now).