DNS not propagating in the Asia/Philippines

We recently took over a project from another developer and took all their systems and moved them to the clients end. The original system was using Cloudflare, so we setup a new account for the client on Cloudflare mirrored their DNS settings with the exception of pointing to their new servers. Cloudflare gave us new Name Servers and we updated those on the clients GoDaddy account.

The transfer to the new servers and the propagation seem to work well, we had created a version.html page on both the old servers and the new servers to ensure we knew which one we were hitting: https://chalkboardpublishing.com/version.html.

However, it’s two weeks later and we have been receiving a lot of complaints from our customers that our Customer Service team hasn’t been doing what they said they would do. Our customer service is in our Philippines Office, but what we discovered is that they are still hitting the old server, so the updates they make are not visible to our clients customers. We had several of our team members try this from the office and their homes and they are all hitting the old servers, but in the US we are all hitting our new servers.

We’ve had them locally flush their DNS and we had the IT department of our office “Say” they also flushed the DNS on the Network, so we are kind of lost of where to look next. Anyone have any ideas? Is Asia/Philippines just caching the DNS longer (2-weeks seems excessive).


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