DNS not propagating after moving domain name to Cloud Flare

Hi guys i tried searching this and read a bunch of previous threads and also watched some videos but couldn’t figure it out. I’m new to all this.

I moved my Domain from Godaddy to CloudFlare successfully, and then added a CNAME that points to clickfunnels. But when i use whatsmydns.net it shows my domain name is not propagating anywhere.

And the Domain won’t verify on ClickFunnels either. Any ideas Please :slight_smile:


Sorry i should have added that. evolutionfreedom.com

Your domain resolves just fine, the issue seems to be it is not properly set up/configured on your host’s end but that is something you need to clarify with them I am afraid.

Thanks for that Sandro. So i need to contact CloudFlare support? Because they are my host now right…

No, Cloudflare is not your host, they just provide DNS services. Your host is the one where your site actually is located and where that message is coming from.

Possibly you dont even need to contact them but log into your account over there and check that everything i set up properly.

ah ok i see, thanks again. iv’e contacted clickfunnels to see what they can see on their end. Because i followed all the other steps in their documents.