DNS not propagating after IP change

Hello, I changed my server IP in the DNS settings to point to a new server but it does not work.
It’s been 3 days and the DNS still point to the old IP, I changed the A RECORD and the MX record.

Any Idea?

And the old IP starts with 104? Please use the search, that has been covered a bit more than just once :slight_smile:

It begin with 51

my new IP begin with 145

In that case it might not be the issue I assumed it to be. Whats the domain?


if I use just the new IP in the URL the web server works

Well, the domain is currently proxied. How do you tell it is pointing to the old address? Have you updated the record on Cloudflare?

When not proxied it ping to the correct IP, You’re right.

So maybe its a webserver problem, weird i can go to my webserver with IP only

Well, the problem is, your webserver on the 145 address does not seem to be properly configured. On HTTP it only shows a default page, on HTTPS it doesnt work at all.

After 2 days of search, I found why, I’m just dumb, my browser extension force HTTPS which is not setup yet that’s the problem!

Thanks for the help!

Then set it up :slight_smile:. A Cloudflare Origin certificate will help you there too.

But it doesnt really work on HTTP either. It responds, but only with a default page.

yep I was just testing. I didn’t migrate the HTML pages yet, I’m going to set up the certificate. Thanks

No worries. Glad it got sorted out quickly, often these issues drag on for 40 replies :slight_smile:

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