DNS not propagating after changing nameservers away from Cloudflare

Our domain balr.co, which was managed by Cloudflare for 8+ years as a custom domain dedicated for deeplinking Branch links, suddenly stopped working last week with an infinite redirect issue. To try to fix the issue, we’re trying to follow the steps listed in their documentation to use the four nameservers managed by Branch : Advanced Settings & Change Your Link Domain

The registrar for our balr.co is Dotster, and we updated the nameservers there but the DNS hasn’t propagated to most places in over 4 days.

Branch support is suggesting the issue is on the Cloudflare side, does anyone have any idea what’s happening and how to fix? We’re also very curious what might have caused the links to break in the first place without any changes from our side. Any help is greatly appreciated

There is no SOA for your domain, you’ll need to talk to whoever runs your DNS for you via AWS.

The site is no longer using Cloudflare so that can’t be debugged now.

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