DNS not propagating after changing ip address of primary nameservers

I have a reseller hosting account and the primary domain is on cloudflare. my hosting provider changed ip addresses and i changed the ip addresses of my nameservers on CF. This was some few months ago… for some reason it seems the ip addresses is not probably propagated well. some domains on my reseller account has email issues and connectivity issues.
Over here you can see DNS checker for one of my domains DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Leaf DNS (shows old ip)

the right ip addresses are,

Here is the DNS record of my Ns1 and Ns2 with new ips (which isnt resolving well)

Ad you can see when clicking the link you provided, the domain is not using Cloudflare nameservers, but ns1.kingscel.com. You either need to change your records there or switch to Cloudflare nameservers.

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No, you misunderstand. this domain(in link provided) is not on cloudflare. This is one of the domains(client) on my servers. The primary domain i used to register the nameservers is what i have on cloudflare. The issue is the ip addresses registered to my nameservers are not resolving well.

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My bad, sry. In that case, I can’t see any obvious reasons for the problem. The dns resolution seems to work at all stages.

The tool you are using to check is not accurate.

dig ns1.kingscel.com +short
dig ns2.kingscel.com +short
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Have a look here at this image… why so many red X?. it’s been like this since i changed the ip addresses.

Well, first of all it’s a horrible tool for checking much of anything in my experience. But same tool shows the DNS for the nameserver has propagated just fine. If we’re going to put value in the tool (which I still think is generally a mistake) it points to an issue with the nameservers (the server itself or global accessibility) not DNS propagation.

Could there be DNS caching issues for the old record? Depends on the TTL that was in place, but that’s not a problem with Cloudflare responding to queries with the correct value.

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hmm… here is one of the domains pointing to my nameservers kelklogistics.com … see the results you get

You are asking the wrong question IMO. The authoritative nameservers are responsible for answering the questions. Cloudflare manages 43m+ domains. If the nameservers are correct in DNS and the queries fail the source of the failure is the authoritative nameserver.

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