DNS not propagating after a week

Hello! We are using a third-party software in our websites to embed forms, handle automation, and enabling call tracking and swapping. The software is Omnipoint. It requires that we host this domain omnipoint360

We recently moved from Google domains to Cloudflare, maintaining the same DNS configuration, and according to Omnipoint support everything seems right there. But DNS records are not propagating after a full week passed since we moved the domain, and it’s giving us some issues with the integrations in the sites we build. I honestly don’t know what could be the issue here so I was looking for some insight


Verification entries have to be unproxied, so make sure it is :grey:.

yes they are already unproxied

What’s the domain and what is not propagating?

https://dnschecker.org/#A/omnipoint360.com and https://dnschecker.org/#CNAME/omnipoint360.com

A naked domain can never be a CNAME and Cloudflare will always flatten that to A entries. You need a proper hostname here, not the naked domain. Your host most likely did not indicate to configure this on the naked domain.

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sorry i forgot to add link to the domain here, this is it https://dnschecker.org/#CNAME/link.omnipoint360.com

You seem to have a DNSSEC issue and enabled DNSSEC at your registrar only. Disable that at your registrar.

the registrar is namecheap and DNSSEC was already disabled, I enabled it and disabled it again just in case

Wait about a day and then it should work.

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I was dealing with the same issue for the past two days. :arrows_counterclockwise:After reading this conversation, I fixed it too. Thanks! :raised_hands:

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