DNS not propagating after 48 hours

I set up DNS on Cloudflare for a site ncircle.org. It was on bluehost prior. I changed the adhortative name servers on the bluehost site as they currently are the registrar. It’s been 48 hours now and nothing has changed. Most USA dns servers do not show even the name servers let alone any data. There are a number of overseas or Mexico name servers that do. I need to figure out the issue and get it resolved. Any help would be much appreciated.

I do have all records set to DNS and not proxied on cloudflare.

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It looks you forgot to clear your DNSSEC at your registrar first.

ncircle.org | DNSViz

Remove the incorrect DNSSEC records at your registrar to solve the problem. You can update enable DNSSEC at Cloudflare and add those new records at your registrar once you remove the invalid data there.

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Thank you for confirming. I thought this might be the case and connected with Bluehost this morning. They said they were not able to do anything since they were no longer hosting the DNS records. I will move DNS back to Bluehost and hopefully get it working and then I am moving registrar’s.

Don’t. It won’t help and will only slow things down. It is likely cause even more problems. You need to make the change at your registrar, which is FastDomain, Inc, not Bluehost.

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