DNS not propagated properly


We have a domain setup on CF called stellaradvisory.com.au which was onboarded over 2 days ago.CF approved within minutes and DNS looks ok.

It was moved from MS365 DNS onto CF.

MS indicates in 365 Admin centre the domain is green ticked and “healthy”.

So it seems to not have properly propagated, as NSLOOKUP cannot see it, and some mail servers are not delivering to it (namely anything from Microsoft cannot send to it such as other 365 accounts or hotmail addresses, yet non-MS external mail servers can email find to the 365 mail accounts).

The MXToolbox WHOIS still shows as Microsoft nameservers, where many other WHOIS lookups point show Cloudflare, and this has persisted now for more than 48 hours.

We are at a loss trying to work out what is going on.

Has someone got suggestions as to what might be the cause, and maybe a solution?


DNSSEC is likely setup at your registrar (instra?) but it isn’t setup in Cloudflare.

Disable it at your registrar or enable it in Cloudflare & follow the instructions there to get it setup properly.

Thank you! Fantastic.

They don’t have it accessible from the front end, but i got the support to remove it. I don’t even know why it was enabled.

We can close this ticket.

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