DNS not pointing to my server after domain briefly expired

The other day one of my rarely used domains briefly expired (3 days or so) before I noticed it. I went in at my registrar and renewed it and it is now paid through 2022. 24 hours later NS lookup still shows the cloudflare DNS but when I try to go to the site I get redirected to an IP that is owned by cloudflare and is just a landing page for my keywords. How do I get CF to start honoring my DNS settings again and send the traffic back to my server?

What is the status of the domain in your Cloudflare account?

As far as I see it is the same as it always has been. I actually went into the DNS section last night and switched the proxy switches just to see if that would have any effect. Where should I look for the domain status you speak of? At the present time the DNS search says that everything is pointing to which is not my server and is a number not found anywhere in the DNS info for the domain.

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