DNS not pointed to certain IP

Hi CloudFlare support,

I just migrated my nameserver from exabyte to cloudflare. But I found out some of my DNS is not pointed to the IP that I configured. Kindly assist on this issue.


Is the IP you similar to 104.16.x.x to 104.31.x.x? This would mean your site is using the Cloudflare proxy, which is providing all of the features CF offers like DDOS protection, SSL, firewall, etc.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

But I would like to point into my certain IP address for those A name which I needed.

So what’s the solution for this?


if you go into the DNS tab in Cloudflare, you can find the DNS record you want to fix and click the orange cloud :orange: to turn it to grey :grey:. You will lose all CF features but the IP address you put will show.

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