DNS Not Importing Records from My Domain

Hi My name is Faizan. I accidentally removed my site from CloudFlare but when I re added my site it is not importing DNS records from my Domain Kindly help Please.

My site is down no DNS Recored is importing even though I have changed my Name servers. When I add my site to cloudflare for the first time it imported the records automatically and immediately but this time the record section is still empty.

Did you also change your nameservers in the domain back to their original settings? If not, then Cloudflare won’t know where to look.

If your existing provider can give you a zone file export you can import this into Cloudflare. If not, it is probably easiest to manually enter the records.

I have changed my name servers. Cloudflare gave me 2 new name servers which I replaced in my original registrar account

Okay, in that case you’ll need to enter your records manually, or get your host to provide you with a zonefile that you can import into Cloudflare.

Thanks a lot for the Tip Mr. Dave I am Greatful for your advice. I did as you said and the site is up and working thanks a lot.

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