DNS not hijacked, but former WebDev no longer responding

A former Web Developer has our DNS entries in his Cloudflare account, and we are still using his CloudFlare name servers. At one point he said he could export the DNS and send to us so we could upload to our nameserver. Since then, he has stopped responding.

I signed up for a new cloudflare account, and when it asked for domain, I entered our domain, and it came up with many DNS entries, and told us which name servers to switch to.

The problem is I noticed not all the DNS entries showed up, so I wonder what else is missing. Is there anyway to get a complete export of entries for my.domain that is being controlled by someone else?

Usually, your host would know which DNS entries you need. If you’re using multiple services, you’d have to check with each service provider.

We are taking over support for this client, and part of the problem is they dont know what all current, or even legacy services are out there that use DNS.

That should cover most of it, as Cloudflare guesses at thousands (I believe) of common hostnames and record types. But in a complex setup, it won’t catch them all. I guess you’ve got your work cut out for you.

And hopefully you’ve got it set up as a Multi-User account so the client will always have a login so this doesn’t happen again.

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