DNS not hidden

I signed up for free Cloudflare DNS cause of this, How does Cloudflare work? – Cloudflare Help Center

A DNS lookup of a proxied (orange-clouded) Cloudflare subdomain returns Cloudflare IP addresses. Proxied traffic comes to our edge and then we forward the request to your server. Cloudflare masks your origin IP address for proxied DNS records so attackers cannot bypass Cloudflare and directly attack your origin web server.

But even though my DNS records are proxied, they are not hidden, they still show my IP and support closed my ticket the moment it was made and said if the community does not respond in 72 hours, then they may help me…

Any suggestions?

Check out the message on the overview app of your cloudflare dashboard, however Cloudflare may still be ensuring your nameservers are correct. Once that change is verified the domain will be active. You can follow the propagation of the change here https://www.whatsmydns.net/

Also, you should rename the A record from dns to @.

More details about these issues in items 2 and 4 in this tip

Note - If you don’t notice a change in the propagation, you may want to contact your registrar and ask them to release the clientTransferProhibited icann hold, that may be stopping the process.

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