DNS not fully propagated

My website and email are no longer working because of the DNS is not propagating.

Basically my domain is reachable using dig @ but it is no longer found if I use dig @

I have not managed/changed anything within CloudFlare configuration panel. My domains are registered within CloudFlare too and just verified they are not expired. Is there any recent change or outage that can explain this?

DNS propagation can take 24hours. When did you change your name servers?

Last DNS change was most likely last year. So my issue is not really “no propagated after a change” it is like “un-propagated”. I have not even touched any of the other CloudFlare settings for a long long time. This issue just started without any action from my side.

OK… just checked again and the issue seems solved. It is still strange to me since from my side there were no actions that needed to be propagated.

Oh that is strange. It is entirely possible that Cloudflare had to remove you for a short while maybe a DDoS (that affected other customers) or a late payment. But usually they notify you and I’ve not seen drastic actions like this before. Or it might not be cloudflare but just a networking error somewhere else.

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