DNS not found even though it's configured in CF

The DNS settings and page rules I have setup for one domain match other domains that I have configured which redirect properly, but this one domain continues to show no DNS records published when searching via mxtoolbox.com, unable to load in browser, unable to ping. Not sure what the issue is.

Current setting:
A: Proxied

Page rules: 301 forwarding *DOMAINNAME.com/* to https://NEWDOMAIN.com

This exact setting works on a small handful of other domains being forwarded to the same NEWDOMAIN.com

Anyone have any suggestions? All thoughts and ideas are welcome.


What is the domain?

Is it safe to post it here?

I’m just going to go with yes on this. it’s cascadeabrasiveandsupply.com/ and should be redirecting to https://cascadeabrasives.com/

You need to add a record for the root domain @ to the cascadeabrasiveandsupply.com zone.


If you are certain that you have created the correct record that @cscharff mentioned, best confirm that you are actually in the correct Cloudflare account for that domain by checking the assigned nameservers. They are currently ara and ed.

It looks like you created a subdomain with the name of your domain
;cascadeabrasiveandsupply.cascadeabrasiveandsupply.com. IN A

cascadeabrasiveandsupply.cascadeabrasiveandsupply.com. 300 IN A
cascadeabrasiveandsupply.cascadeabrasiveandsupply.com. 300 IN A

The redirect does work on there, but yea as said above you need to create a dns record on your root domain.
(and since the redirect does work, you have the right account)
A @ Proxied will do, and then you could delete the one named cascadeabrasiveandsupply without the .com ending.


Oh, for the love of God. I had the stupid thing put in there, but without the .com, so it didn’t do ■■■■. I officially feel like a moron now.

Thank y’all for shining the light for me to figure out what I was missing.


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