DNS not displaying properly for our hosting company


is the DNS our hosting company is showing.
I show only two cname records with Cloudflare, plus mail and a text record.
They are unable to resolve the site
https://audubonhomebuyers.com because of missing cname records. What did I set up incorrectly? I also have two rules in place and a flexible ssl. THEY also issue SSL as part of the hosting package.

I turned off Crypto on Cloudflare. Site now resolves.
Turned off "always use https:// because Carrot doesn’t have the SSL set up for domain without the www because they are still not seeing the cname records at their end, only what the screenshot above has.

What does your DNS for Cloudflare look like?

DNS Toolbox shows this: - note no CNAME record.


Change the orange cloud to greycloud by clicking it for the CNAME with the alias of carrot.com

I did it.

Okay, now I am getting a redirect loop with your website.

What are the rules in place?

I turned them all off for now to see what is causing this.

It appears to be working for me know with SSL. Can you confirm?