Dns Not connected when i set it right

I have a domain from Bigrock, Builderall platform and cloudfare accounts.
My problem is,
1.take Builderall(NS1,NS2) put inside Cloudflare.
2.take Cloudflare(eric,tina) put inside Bigrock domain.

How to set them correctly.

But i didn’t access my website.

Whats the domain?


For starters, remove the two NS records.

Next, your www record is a CNAME for your naked domain, however there is no record for your naked domain. You will need to set up a record for @ and point it to the correct IP address.

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two NS records are Builderall dns records. How to find my domain ip address. I set @ with my domain not ip.

You do not need and should not have these NS records, as your DNS settings are managed by Cloudflare.

As for your IP, that is something you should get from wherever you host your site.

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I set Cloudflare nameservers in my domain host site nameservers.is it correct or remove

Your DNS setup is correct, but as I mentioned earlier you should remove these two NS records.

Of course you still also need to set the applicable regular A records.

I don’t know what is A records. How to set them. I already removed 2 NS. I am trying to call my domain host support team they will not available. Do you know how to get my domain ip addresses.

Only your host can tell you what IP addresses you need to enter. They probably sent this information in some email as well or provide it somewhere else in their control panel.

Thanks for your help. I will ping you next time if any error or can’t connect.

i linked @ to my domain ip address.But its not working

Inside my Domain(satfunnels.online) provider(bigrock .com) nameservers is set to:
Nameserver1: ns3.l4dns .com
nameserver2: ns4.l4dns .com
is it right?

No, why would you think so? You basically disabled Cloudflare by doing so.

ok i updated to NS1: eric.ns.Cloudflare .com,Ns2: tina.ns.Cloudflare .com.
Can you check for again.

It still is set to the previous nameservers. That might take some time now to update.

ok what about the TXT they are my mailingboss records. Is it correct?

Thats a topic beyond this forum’s scope. I’d check it against what they recommend and against online tools for such email verification records.

what about this? NS records. where to is put it.

That is irrelevant as Cloudflare manages your records.

I added MX records same as you said, but its not working. my domain is not opened. Take a look this pic.