DNS Not Able To Locate Automatically

Hello there, I have previously added a domain to another Cloudflare account but I deleted that as I was reseting the website. Now when I am trying to add the domain it is not finding DNS records automatically during the initial setup.

Do you currently have DNS records hosted on the nameservers that are set at your registrar? Cloudflare discovery is accomplished by looking up common hostnames at your current DNS. If you don’t currently have any active DNS, then there is nothing for Cloudflare to discover.

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Yes I do have DNS mentioned on my local hosting. the thing is i had this domain listed on Cloudflare earlier but then I manually deleted the DNS at that time. This is the reason I am assuming why Cloudflare is coming up with 0 DNS settings.

And are those set at your registrar? Either way you can simply import a BIND file from your current DNS on the advanced section in Cloudflare’s DNS or add them manually.

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