DNS no propagate

three days ago I changed Cloudflare’s DNS to point to my server and not propagate.

You most likely configured the nameservers incorrectly or have a DNSSEC issue.

What’s the domain?

oti-radionline and vinonuevoradio

all with extension .com

oti-radionline.com doesn’t have any records configured and vinonuevoradio.com points to a server with an address ending in 13.

Your server is also not properly configured for vinonuevoradio.com as it does not have an SSL certificate. You should fix that as well, if you plan to use HTTPS.

oti-radionline is to install centovacast and is the address for a VPS server that should not be hosting.

And vinonuevoradio I think the IP is wrong, I’ll check it.

How do I have to configure oti-rdionline?

You need to add the necessary DNS records to Cloudflare, check out #tutorial.

I have seen all the links you have sent me. but i will watch this one too

Sure, you just need to configure the right DNS records.

Also, if you want to stream audio, pay particular attention to https://www.cloudflare.com/en-gb/terms/ as you might get your account suspended if you actually stream over proxied records. Keep these records :grey:.

DNS records are correct for oti-radionline. The radio was already working there but on Friday everything fell apart because an error message appeared that the domain did not exist.

Can you post a full page screenshot of https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/dns?

Precisely, you don’t have the records. Delete the NS records and set up all necessary records for your domain.

Forgive me if I seem ignorant but could you tell me exactly what they are?

I am afraid that’s something only your host can tell you or whoever manages your site.

You essentially need to configure the correct records on Cloudflare. These should have been imported when you added the domains, so maybe it’s best to point the domains to your host again, delete the domain from Cloudflare, wait a day, and re-add them. In that way Cloudflare should re-import the records again, but if you can configure them manually, that’s certainly easier.

I am the one who should manage them. but I’ve been with this for so many days that right now I don’t know where the fault is. I’ve talked to several people at Cloudflare and sent them the setup. Some tell me it’s okay, others tell me it’s not. In the end, when I sent them the capture that I just sent you, they told me that it was fine.

The provider of my VPS tells me that from the server side everything is fine to talk to Cloudflare again and that’s how they have me.

The issue is that you don’t have the records, once you added them it will work.

That is why I ask you the favor if you can tell me how it should be configured from Cloudflare I would greatly appreciate it.

I have other domains with other providers and changing their DNS worked perfectly for me.

so please help me

As I mentioned, only you or your host can know that. This is not a Cloudflare related issue, you simply don’t have the records configured.

That approach probably really is best.

But what records. I had the A Name and NS registered and they told me to delete them and only leave the NS