DNS NGINX and CERTBOT only works with proxy "off"


My problem is that I used CertBot to create an SSL of Let’s Encrypt in a Web Server configured with NGINX, but when I go to Cloudflare Dashboard, in the DNS option I enabled the proxy option, and it automatically shows an error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP on Firefox using incognito mode, tried multiple browsers, and it shows the error (Opera, Edge and main Firefox) now when I disable the Proxy it automatically works again, I do not know which configuration am I doing wrong, the Certs seems to be working fine, but I need to keep disabled Universal SSL in Edge Certificates, and keep the Full (Strict) mode in > Overview, anyone knows what can I do? Thanks.

Unless you are using a custom certificate, which requires a business plan, you cannot disable universal SSL when you proxy any records.


…or Advanced Certificate Manager.


So in order to use the custom certificate of Let’s Encrypt I will have to pay for a business plan to use Advanced Certificate or keep active universal SSL, there is no other option right?

If you want to use your own Certificate (issued by LetsEncrypt), you need a business plan.

If you just want to make sure that your Edge Certificate is issued by LetsEncrypt, you can use Advanced Certificate Manager, as pointed out by @sdayman .

Why do you want to use your own Certificate here instead of the Universal Certificate automatically issued by Cloudflare?


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