DNS new A record works after about 30 min


I have an issue with DNS. When I create A record for some subdomain, it starts to work after about 30-40 min, for example I create example.uteach.io and it works only after some time, I have migrated to Cloudflare from digitalocean and it worked fine there.

Any ideas what is the problem there?


Unless there are any system issues, DNS records normally within a few seconds.

However, DNS caching is still a factor, and the negative cache TTL is 3600 seconds (1 hour), so if you ask too quickly and get a negative answer cached, your local system and/or DNS resolver may remember for up to an hour.

Well, there isn’t any system issues in server side, because with DigitalOcean it worked fine.

TTL is set to Auto.

Any idea how can I fix that? I run SAAS company and it’s really important factor, users need to able to access their subdomain right after registration.

There aren’t any issues, this is how DNS works (based on the negative cache TTL that Cloudflare uses). There are no user-facing controls here.

You might consider setting up wildcard records, even if just to a “this subdomain isn’t set up yet”, a record that you actively create will have a default TTL of 300 seconds (5 minutes) and is configurable shorter if you want. Note that unless you are on an Enterprise plan, you can’t proxy a wildcard record, but you can create one and point it to any IP you like.

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