DNS nameservers


I currently have a hosting through an ISP which I would like to continue using this, I believe there is a way that I can utilise Cloudflare’s nameservers and would like to retain my ISP’s nameservers, yet I am very unfamiliar with the whole concept of this so would greatly appreciate any support or assistance into this. Can anybody help me achieve this please?

You can’t use both, so you’d have to copy all your DNS records over to Cloudflare. Normally, the setup scans most of them, but you’d need to double-check.

Aahh right ok… the only reason why I’m asking is because that I want to use the ISP’s facility of the MySQL database. How would I be able to copy all my DNS records over to Cloudflare?

Sorry I meant to redirect from Cloudflare’s nameservers to back to my ISP, or does your answer still apply sdayman?

You can’t redirect name servers once DNS SOA has already been established.

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Argh… damn. :smirk: Is there a way around this because I want to retain my current ISP so I can build & develop a MySQL database for my website portfolio?

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