DNS Nameservers site down

Name server been added hijabmodest working right away why aaiwholesale is waiting more then 72 hours :thinking:

Your site is active on Cloudflare…

…and is redirecting to https://aaiwholesale.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi which seems to contain a script pointing to a site that Cloudflare Radar flags as malware.

Check your Cloudflare account doesn’t contain any unexpected redirects, and also check on your hosting.

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Your domain’s SPF Records have been pointed successfully from zoho mail. MX for both sites been added but not updating. is spam no idea where this ip is coming from?

Assuming this issue I raised above doesn’t worry you, on the email…

As well as Zoho mail servers you have another, probably pointing to mail.aaiwholesale.com

If it does, you should delete it as you are pointing mail at two different mail services (your server and Zoho). mail.aaiwholesale.com is proxied anyway (mail DNS records must be “DNS only” and not proxied), which is why you may be seeing

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mail.aaiwholesale com
DNS Only A record

webmail.aaiwholesale com
Proxied aaiwholesale .com CNAME

mail.aaiwholesale com
DNS only aaiwholesale com MX record

Still, you can’t use both your mail server (mail.aaiwholesale com) and the Zoho mail servers for incoming mail.

If you are looking to Zoho to handle your email, delete the MX record for mail.aaiwholesale com. Only Zoho is specified for outgoing mail in your SPF record.

Thank you works for both sites.
aaiwholesale wasnt working CNAME was not redirecting to hosting. Now everything works.

Thanks again

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