DNS nameservers for imported domain

I have been asked to change the nameservers on my dns record. This record was transferred from Plusnet to CLOUDFLARE. I no longer have administrative access to the domain on plusnet to change the nameservers, and Plusnet say they have transferred the domain, so can not change the nameservers. How can I get the record updated so that it can be imported to Cloudflare?

I assume this is a .uk domain?

Normally it’s best to add the domain to Cloudflare (to use its services) and then move the domain. If the domain is not added to Cloudflare when the tag is changed, I think Cloudflare will reject the transfer.

What is the domain name?

Thanks, SJR, Its just-the-one.co.uk

I added the domain to cloudflare pre transfer, but the process needs me to now change the nameservers, and I have no way of doing that from the plusnet end. If I try from Cloudflare dashboard it says I cant overwrite the records for the root…

Content for NS record is invalid. NS records at the apex must not overwrite assigned nameservers.

To complete the process of adding the domain to Cloudflare before the transfer, you would have had to change the nameservers first.

The transfer hasn’t gone through as the tag is still showing Plusnet and their DNS and hosting, so try them again for the nameserver change or ask what the status of the transfer is as likely Cloudflare refused it.

If you get stuck, try contacting Nominet for advice, they should be able to tell you who needs to do what.