DNS Nameserver Setup

DNS default nameserver records not found. Must replace the Cloudflare Default ns1 & ns2 records with assigned nameservers.

Where no records existed attempting to create on I get error 1004. Cannot overwrite the existing assigned nameserver at apex.

Nameservers are in a 24 Hour Pending Status after activation as Cloudflare is checking domain name ownership.

I bought the domain at around 4pm Saturday 22nd of July. It’s now 1:21am Sunday.

Set the domain’s nameservers to the assigned Cloudflare ones at your registrar (where you bought the domain). This isn’t something you do with DNS records.

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I bought the domain from Cloudflare

If you bought it at Cloudflare the nameservers will be set for you automatically and you shouldn’t need to do anything with them.

What’s the domain name?

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milligancreative dot com

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It’s erroring out saying the domain will not resolve until the nameservers are set

The nameservers are set correctly and the domain is resolving. There is no website on it but if you have one you should be able to just add DNS entries for it and be good to go. I also see email records set up for iCloud.

What is giving you an error?

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Screenshot of Nameserver Update Pending


That shouldn’t happen.

Did you, by any chance, remove and re-add the domain in the Cloudflare dashboard at any point?

Go here: https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support Open a ticket and select Registrar as the category. Post the ticket number here.


They won’t honor a support request. I made one, they kicked me off support because I am a Free Account.

I never removed or deleted any records.

The NS Record does not exist in the DNS Records.

Did you select Cloudflare Registrar as the category?

Post the ticket number because I can escalate it.


I did make a Registrar Ticket


Closed Out by the Bot or by a Tech


I’ve requested escalation on your ticket.


I’ll wait for their reply. Thank you.


Hi @matt.milligan.person,

There are 2 issues here.

  1. The zone is active. But it is not under ‘your’ account.

This is a Cloudflare Registrar domain. The domain’s name servers cannot be changed, highlighted by @i40west. As mentioned earlier it is active under a ‘different’ account. So which leads to point number 2.

2)The ticket you opened was with : [email protected].
This is a valid Cloudflare account. This can be used as normal.

The domain, is registered to another account (if I am assuming correctly, its yours as well).
I am bound by process to not do reveal any further information unless its the account owner of said domain : milligancreative dot com.

Let me give you a general idea of what is happening, and I hope it helps you figure out what you need to do next.

You probably bought a domain through your iPhone. Apple’s privacy policy masks your Apple ID (basically the [email protected] - Apple ID) and provides a hashed ID which then is used to open a Cloudflare account. That account holds the domain.

You will need to log in to that account with the [applehash[email protected]] ID to access your purchased domain.

I really cannot go into details here.
Please check this documentation:

I know this is not really enough details but I am unable to reveal any more information. I will mark this thread closed as your current ticket you have referenced in this thread is not the account owner of the domain referenced in this thread.

Thank you.


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