DNS / Nameserver Resolve Issue

I have used Cloudflare before with no issues but one of my sites that is using Cloudflare Nameservers seems to be going to the Parking Page of my registrar (NameSilo) rather than the actual website which is with another host (Host Rocket). I’ve never had this issue happen before and I even believe the website was resolving properly late on Thursday, after the changes were made. But now the website resolves back to the registrar’s parking page. I’ve emailed the registrar regarding the issue and they informed me that the Nameservers are resolving correctly and I should check with Cloudflare.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And now the two million dollar question: “whats the domain?” :wink:

HSServices.biz but I fixed the issue due to the DNS settings being incorrect in Cloudflare but correct on my Registrar. Might consider changing over to Cloudflare for registrar when it’s time to renew.

The DNS settings at your registrar are irrelevant at this point as Cloudflare is your authoritative server. You could even remove them altogether from your registrar.

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