DNS nameserver pointing to cloudflare

Hello, I bought a domain with Cloudflare for a dropshiping website using but I have issues connecting my website to Aliexpress as Cloudflare is blocking my site from importing product images so the images are not appearing on my site when I import products only the description and other details appear.

I need help pointing my DNS nameservers from Cloudflare. Can anyone help ?

what is the site?


You cannot if

You’ll need to wait and transfer the domain away from Cloudflare Registrar to change nameservers.

Let’s solve the underlying problem, is that afroboutik.com?

Yes, that is the name.

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Hi, cloonan, I was wondering if you have any suggestions to solve the underlying problem as I will need 2 months to be able to transfer the domain.

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CF is paused on the site at the moment and I am seeing only one product and the images for that.

If the issue is Cloudflare is blocking the images, you can create an access rule. Details here,

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