DNS Nameserver change not confirmed by Cloudflare

Our domain registrar is Hover. I updated the nameservers on Hover to the two Cloudflare servers listed for our domain in our Cloudflare account on Wednesday. Today is Saturday and Cloudflare still does not confirm the change and DNS propagation has been really spotty.

I have a pending support case open with Hover, but it is pretty straightforward to update the name servers. Everything looks fine in our Hover account. I’ve clicked the nameserver check button on our Cloudflare dashboard a couple times a day since Wednesday but still no confirmation from them.

Can you share the domain?



The previous DNSSEC records need ot be removed at your registrar.

satorireporting.com | DNSViz

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Hover doesn’t handle DNSSEC, which is why we moved our DNS to Cloudflare. There are no DNS records at all any longer at Hover, and you can see from the screenshot that it has a message confirming that we are using 3rd party nameservers so records at Hover will not have any effect.

What have you got under Advanced tab?

From Help Center of your domain registar Hover, kindly see here to check if you have one and how to remove it as follows on the link below:

In case if not, can you contact your “Hover” domain registar to check if there are any existing DS records for your domain?

You’re 100% correct. Found it under advanced and removed it. That’s crazy because we had a DNSSEC error while administering our DNS on Hover. I called support specifically about DNSSEC and they told me they can’t handle DNSSEC. I was very surprised and moved to Cloudflare (Which of course is better for DNS anyway).

With that record deleted I will keep my eye on the propagation. I really (really) appreciate it

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