DNS & Name Server issue


I recently installed cloudfare on siteground. I wanted to check my A record of the domain is pointing to my SiteGround Account ( as my website (natureleaf.co.uk) has been down for over 12 hours now.

I want to know if this is just a propagation issue which will resolve itself?


Sorry, i also want to check my name severs are correct:


It looks like you’re off to a good start, but there may be something wrong with your DNS entries. (1016 Origin DNS error)

If you set your DNS entries to :orange:, does the site work?

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My A DNS entry is set to Cloudflare. I made the change 16 hours ago now. But I am still down, any ideas?

Actually, they are pointing to Siteground who is my hosting provider. How do I change my DNS to Siteground and where do I find the right DNS for Cloudflare?

sorry for the churn.

I can see my name servers show an error


is this the problem?

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You’re no longer on Cloudflare, so you’ve changed something since the last time I looked.

So…decide which name servers you want to use, and we can take it from there.

I have just managed to fix the issue. It was happening because siteground already point the servers themselves to Cloudflare i had to keep the NS pointing to siteground. It was running a loop.

Thanks for your help!

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