DNS name server change to Cloudflare from Siteground

I bought a domain at siteground, and doing Cloudflare for the first time. I read on CF that it is ideal to have the servers pointed directly to Cloudflare, but siteground is also a Cloudflare partner. Tried to figure out how to point to Cloudflare but can’t see it from the examples and not even sure if it’s worth it. little help?

My opinion is it’s worth the learning curve to manually add your site to Cloudflare. Plus, troubleshooting is more straightforward and easier to support by the Cloudflare staff and forum community.

If your site is up and running at Siteground, create an account at Cloudflare, then follow these setup instructions:


thank you for your quick response!

I already have an account with Cloudflare via siteground c panel, who are Cloudflare partners. Looking at it now, it seems that siteground pointed the servers already, but via c name:

www.6v6soccer.us. 1400 IN CNAME www.6v6soccer.us.cdn.Cloudflare.net

Looking at my domain dns on siteground, it says:


So I don’t know how important it is to directly point the server to Cloudflare instead of the c name record. Whether speed and security are enhanced a little bit, or if it doesn’t make any difference at all.

Should I keep it as is and move forward, or find out my server location at Cloudflare on my account and poiont it there?

Obviously my first time around with Cloudflare and I have some experience with websites but would call myself an expert…

The CNAME approach isn’t the most reliable way to configure your Cloudflare setup. Which is why I recommended the direct approach.

Hopefully, you can undo the cPanel changes and follow the Cloudflare procedure I linked to.

Thank you for that clarity. I’ll see if I can reach support on either siteground or Cloudflare to help me out. But I will check out your link first. Thank you for the help.

There is a “delete website” option on my Cloudflare account. Do you think I should do that and try to start over?

Is that “delete website” option from within Siteground? If so, then that sounds like how you’d disconnect your site from Cloudflare. The goal right now is just to get your site running in standard Siteground configuration.

Delete Website is on CF’s end. I went ahead and deactivated my Cloudflare account via siteground and deleted the website in CF. Now I’ll see if I can start over with my same CF account.

It looks like it worked and is pointed to Cloudflare servers.

Would you think deleting the c name records in siteground regarding Cloudflare is a good idea? Since I’m no longer going through siteground anymore but directly with Cloudflare?

I’d leave it alone for now. If it’s working, don’t change anything. In a month, if everything is still good, take notes (or screenshots) before you change anything.

If you set up CF through Siteground you’ll be using their Domain Name servers. You’ll still get the benefits of CF.
When you set your site through your CF account you are using CF’s network of DNS servers. Changing the DNS zone settings at Siteground won’t make any difference at this point.

In my experience the CF DNS was faster and more reliable than my shared hosting. CF is a global network of anycast DNS vs. my host was a single DNS.