DNS name not resolving

For school i need to create an office365 interface, i registered a domain on cloudfare and now it’s not resolving. It used to resolve, but it suddenly stopped overnight, the only thing that changed is the dns server.

These are my current settings, what should i do?

That domain does not appear to be registered.

Why is it not registered? Money got withdrawn, i can access dashboard and change settings.

Can i like mail support or something? If so what is the mail adress?

You need to talk to your registrar about that, but the domain is not registered.

My registrar is cloudflare. So how can i contact them about this issue?

If your registrar is Cloudflare you best send an email to [email protected] and open a separate thread about that issue at Billing - Cloudflare Community.

Thank you for helping me!

Pleasure. When you open the thread, add the ticket number you received to it and best also a screenshot which shows the order, along with the order number. Do redact personal information however (payment details, names).

It certainly looks like it used to exist. Certs were issued and the DNS used to exist.

School of Phish perhaps? I would expect that any competent entity would ban/block such a domain name immediately. If you actually have a legitimate use here, you are educating users to be phished, and reducing your “Schools” security posture as a result.