DNS Moved from cloudflare back to Godaddy

hi folks
just moved the DNS record back to park it at goddady after upgrading our private server there
it is been over 36 hours still i am showing some areas not propagating fine ALTHOUGH the site
can open fine anywhwere here EXCEPT our local net LAN / Wifi
we need to do updates on it and get it back on our LAN asap
any suggestions ?
so far we 've done this :slightly_smiling_face:

  • change the host file to include the new GD Server IP
  • tracert the new IP we had few time outs but still the site shows fine on our local phone carrier and everywhere around except our LAN / wifi
  • changed the DNS manually both on LAN Card wifi and Modem netgear to Google Dns 's
    still nothing
  • contacted GD zillion times today no luck after several waits and phone line drops
  • wheresmydns.net still apparently propagating … not sure how long and why it should affect my WIfi and LAN ? if the whole world can see the site fine …

i am starting to believe the move back to GD (which was triggered by some concerns) was a mistake a big one

any solution suggested ?
domain : gtrontech.com


You need to contact your host about that. Currentl the site is not using Cloudflare, hence the issue cannot be Clouflare related.

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