DNS moved from CF to GoDaddy

The DNS form my domain www.genesisapp.com was hosted by CloudFlare for over a year without issue. Recently I enabled DNSSEC and everything still worked as expected. This week my site became un-reachable, so I contacted GoDaddy (registrar and site host). After some troubleshooting, they concluded that it was a DNS issue and that I should move my DNS hosting back to them to fix the problem. This was done and the site started to work again PARTIALLY.

Here is the problem, although its been well over 48 hours, many ISP’s cannot resolve my domain. When I use for my DNS on any device, I cannot resolve my domain. Many ISPs on www.whatsmydns.net cannot resolve my domain. GoDaddy is stating that this is because of a change that CloudFlare made to my DNS record that is not supported by many ISP’s out there and it needs to be deleted. I assume it has something to do with DNSSEC? How can I completely purge DNSSEC from my DNS record? Is there something CloudFlare can do to help get this resolved, or do I need to move my DNS hosting back to CF first?

My home ISP cannot resolve my domain (using their DNS and, but my mobile phone ISP can…if I user on my mobile device, then I cannot resolve my domain.

As the site is no longer on Cloudflare, you can not fix this here. You would have to turn off DNSSEC at your registrar. GoDaddy Support should have known this, as they are your registrar. It’s totally on them.

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