DNS Move from Godaddy-Clarification

One of our customers has pointed their DNS fro Godaddy to Cloudflare coby.ns.cloudflare.com

When I log into the Dashboard, I see I need to changed Servers. When I do this, I get an Error 1000. I’m not sure WTF is going on here. How can I update the current records on Coby/Ali?

Update your nameserver setup

*** has moved and is no longer active on Cloudflare.

  1. Log in to your [GoDaddy account]

Remove these nameservers:



2. Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers

Nameserver 1


Click to copy

Nameserver 2




Step 2. is telling you to go to the registrar for that domain and set the two nameservers to heidi and maciej instead of coby and ali. That’s what you need to do before Cloudflare will proxy that domain on your account.

Thanks. I guess I’m stumped as to how can I edit records on coby/Ali? Or is this a placeholder until I move them?

coby and ali should be out of the picture. All work will be done in your account which uses heidi and maciej.

Excellent. Thank you. Appreciated.

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