DNS Modification / Website now unavailable

Hello, three days ago I changed my DNS settings and added a SRV & A pointing to my home IP address, today my website is unavailable and points to for everyone going to it, I have contacted my host provider and my website is up on their side. The problem comes from the DNS modification so I removed the new SRV & A and restored it like it was before the changes I made three days ago.

I verified my website DNS settings and it matchs with the DNS at cloudflare. I didn’t touched to the Nameservers so it shouldn’t be the issue.

I heard it may be about DNS Propagation, is it?

DNS on Cloudflare:

DNS on my website:

p.s: sorry for my bad english.

Could you pls make some examples with subdomains/domains you used?


A domain.tld --> 1172.132.123.11

So we know what exactly you did?
But yes NS propagation takes a while, DNS propagation not. Specially not on Cloudflare.

But if you called the Domain/subdomain your machine (locally) also caches the entries in its DNS cache for not having to resolve them again and again. So maybe it was due to the local cache. But from here with this information noone will be able to exactly tell you.

I exactly did the same as this video here: https://youtu.be/9xfsH7bmSFc
I hope it’s DNS Propagation, it could saves me headhache :grimacing:

Its most probably not due do the propagation.

Quick questions:

  1. did (after the implementation of your SRV) the Game-Server Connection work or not?
  2. is the website hosted on the same server as the game?
  1. It didn’t worked (forgot to remove it directly)
  2. No the website is not hosted on the same server as the game-server

Ok. lets assume you want your setup like this

www.domain.tld (webserver)
game.domain.tld:1234 (gameserver)

As they point to different IPs we assume they are: (webserver) (gameserver)

So pls do as following:

A-Record www.domain.tld —> :orange:
A-Record game.domain.tld —> :grey:

Servicename: _game
Protocol: TCP
Name: game.domain.tld
Priority: 0
Weight: 0
Port: 1234
Target: game.domain.tld

Of course you have to replace the IPs, the FQDNs (domains) with the Domains and the Port with the actual Datas.

Now the website and the gameserver should be running.

Have fun, viel Spaß beim Zocken!

P.S.: if you PM me the real datas I can send you exactly what you have to paste in.

Thanks a lot for the explanation! I can’t find out how to send private message here so I added the DNS pictures on the main question.

Just do it how described above.
Also your Domain is correctly routed trough CloudFlare. Then back to IONOS.
There (on your Server/Webspace) you redirect it to which is wrong. But this issue is related to your Server/Webspace, not to Cloudflare.

I can not help you with this as I do not have access to your Server NOR can I see how it is set up.

I never touched to my IONOS DNS so I don’t see where it points to :s
I don’t really want to set up a game-server anymore so the only thing I would like to do for now is fix this issue…

Also, the IONOS DNS settings are not used because I’m using Cloudflare nameservers.

This is wrong as you direct them (with your CloudFlare settings) back to IONOS.
As you provided to less informations I’m sorry I can not help you here.

  1. is your Website hosted on a WebSpace/VPS or where?
  2. where do the IONOS DNS settings exactly direct/map your domain and the www subdoain?
  1. It’s hosted on a webserver from IONOS
  2. IONOS tell me this: ‘IONOS DNS settings are inactive if you are using a custom name server’ and the cloudflare DNS settings are the same as IONOS ones. I’m not using sub-domain anymore. Is there a way to disable cloudflare and see if the web-server works fine without waiting for days to see if the issue comes from IONOS or Cloudflare? I really appreciate your help.

I just removed the cloudflare nameservers from IONOS to check if the problem comes from IONOS or Cloudflare. I’ll update the thread once I get a result.

Well disable it in setting.
Sorry but here I’m out. For me I just have to less informations and cant help you here but good luck!

So I updated my DNS info on the Cloudflare side to remove a SRV and a A I added (used it to point to my home IP), my website was down since yesterday and was pointing to and it went back online a few hours ago, sadly now it’s offline again and I don’t understand why…

note; I never changed any DNS info on my host (1and1) so the problem comes from Cloudflare for sure.

1and1 DNS:

Cloudflare DNS:

Do you see anything wrong here?

That domain 302 redirects to

It’s either a Page Rule here, or something on your server.

I didn’t changed anything on my webserver, where could I find that?

If it’s not a Page Rule here, then ask your web host for some help.

May this should be merged with this one: DNS Modification / Website now unavailable

As its completely the same issue.

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