DNS modification pending (still)

DNS modification is still pending.

Domains: eigenfunk.de, roomnights.eu …

Following the NS Path using dig, I have the impression the change is propagated to Cloudflare name servers.

Is there anything left I can do?


Not fully

Domain: eigenfunk.de
Nserver: ns.second-ns.com
Nserver: ns1.your-server.de
Nserver: ns3.second-ns.de
Status: connect

It can take up to 24 hours for it to be fully propagated. Sometimes more than 24.
Whend did you do the change at your registrar?

The changes were done on Sunday.

How did you achieve that status information?
I probably misunderstand the subject.

When I call dig

dig eigenfunk.de nssearch
and follow the ns entries in the “authority section”

dig @ eigenfunk.de nssearch

I end up at the Cloudflare NS servers.
(sorry can’t be more precise with the examples as I don’t have enough karma for more than two links)


I see the NS records. But your domain is pointing to different servers

whois eigenfunk.de | grep Nserv
Nserver: ns.second-ns.com
Nserver: ns1.your-server.de
Nserver: ns3.second-ns.de

Did you sign up through Cloudflare directly or through a partner?


Ok. It’s Hetzner right? Afaik they are not a CF partner. You need to update the records at your registrar and replace the three servers with those provided by Cloudflare .

I think I did that. DNS config at hetzner:

$TTL 7200
@ IN SOA ns1.your-server.de. postmaster.your-server.de. (
2018091700 ; serial
86400 ; refresh
10800 ; retry
3600000 ; expire
86400 ) ; minimum

@ IN NS pam.ns.Cloudflare.com.
@ IN NS igor.ns.Cloudflare.com.

You’ve updated the authoritative NS records at your current DNS service, but you also have to update the nameservers at your domain registrar. Cloudflare will consider the domain pending until you do that too.

Only actually, sorry for nitpicking :slight_smile:

True. Changing the authoritative NS records helps, though. And it may be necessary for extremely old resolvers.

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