Dns Misconfiguration for Mail Setting in Cloudflare

Hi Support,

I have two website domain running with cloudflare. First is www.coevote.com and second is futuretimes.net. Website running good. Both Login Failed after Cloudflare nameserver update . May be caused of misconfiguration of mail setting mx setting in cloudflare. Please Correct me where wrong dns configuration.

This is Mail Setting Available in my current Control Panel
Primary IP - Hidden
SMTP Server -vodapao.com
SMTP Port -25
IMAP Server -vodapao.com
IMAP Port -143

Current Mx Setting in

Name: coevote.com
Content :mail.coevote.com
TTL : Auto
Proxy Status : DNS Only

Future Times
Name: futuretimes.net
Content :mail.futuretimes.net
TTL : Auto
Proxy Status : DNS Only


Is this working for you now? Both of your pictures show a good MX record for a ‘mail’ subdomain, but no “A” record for it. But when I do a DNS lookup, both ‘mail’ subdomains return an IP address.

Hello Sdayman,

I am using rainloop webmail client. I have updated Mail A Record with mail.coevote.com and mail.futuretimes.net. I am getting server not connected error after cloudflare nameserver change when i am trying to logging to client. Without cloudflare nameserver other domain working . May be some mis- configuration of dns at my dashboard.

I tried this but also unable to connect to server.
Primary IP - Hidden
SMTP Server - vodapao.com
SMTP Port -25
IMAP Server - vodapao.com
IMAP Port -143

Link for Current Dns setting in Cloudflare. Screenshot Attached with message.


Ah, those aren’t pointed to the mail server listed in your second post: mail.vodapao.com

Hello Sdayman ,

I need to point mx to mail.vodapao.com and add mail pointing to ip address with A Record. And Current setting only mail pointing i missed at MX. Please Guide.


Hello Sdayman,

I have updated configuration take a look. How much time take to update dns configuration.


And Mail A Record need to be Proxy or DNS Only Mode

Hold on. That says vodapao. That’s not what either of your domains said.

Then i need to back to mail.vodapao.com to vodapao.com and mail A Record to need Deleted. ? Mail Setting for desktop client setting .

SMTP Setting showing when i creating mail box.

or i need to make like this coevote.com and smtp.vodapao.com and one A record for SMTP pointing primary ip.

If vodapao.com is your mail server, then that’s what your MX record should say. There’s nothing else you need to do for mail in the DNS records for coevote and futuretimes.

I have changed everything in DNS in Cloudflare dns . All things are working using thunderbird email client. Problem coming with the Rainloop Mail Client and Roundcube both not working after when i added my domains to cloudflare. Website Working Properly. and my other non cloudflare domain working with all clients.

Getting Error while looking to login with creditials
Roundcube : Connection to storage server failed.
Rainloop : Can’t Connect to Server.

Please Help.

Hi Sdayman,
I have attached screenshot. My email client working Properly. Something Need to Add for webmail work.
or something need to make dns only.


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