DNS migration - website down

i just get my DNS migration done i have all my website in error: https://www.wirk.io/
Someone can tell me whats happening?

Set your encryption mode to Full Strict.

many thanks, it’s working now.
I have another issue folowing this migration. My API on this domain give me a 401. I have not auth on my API and i didn’t have any issue before migration.
I have a withe list to authorize my API. Do i have to set Cloudflare IP in order to get my API back?
Then where can i find IP from Cloudflare

Cloudflare won’t send such a code and that will most likely come from your server. Check your server logs.

Do i have to authrize IP from Cloudflare?

You have to make sure the addresses at cloudflare.com/ips are not blocked, that’s all.

Nothing when i white list Cloudflare IPs…
Do you know how i can diagnos?

Can you post a screenshot of that error?

I have this on my API answer header:

That’s because it’s going through the proxies and not related to the authentication. Again, screenshot.

It’s a white page

As I mentioned earlier, check your server logs, that will be straight from your server.

On the server i have “Le traitement de la demande HTTP a généré une exception. Pour plus d’informations, consultez la réponse HTTP renvoyée par la propriété Response de cette exception.”

That’s an issue on your server I am afraid and not Cloudflare related.

it was perfectly working before DNS migration to Cloudflare…

You might want to pause Cloudflare in that case and check the direct connection. But again, if you have an error on your server side, it’s not Cloudflare related.

However, this is better covered in a separate thread, as we are quite off-topic from the original question at this point.

ok thanks for your help

I just answer to myself about my API 401 issue. We have a application firewall that was blocking the traffic because it comes now from Cloudflare and not from the Client so origin IP are not Client anymore but Cloudflare.
I add Cloudflare IP cloudflare.com/ips and it’s worked now.
We are migrating this application firewall to Cloudflare firewall in order to manage IP authorization on cloudflare.

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