DNS Migration to SiteGround preventing some emails from arriving

Recently a consultant migrated our DNS settings and records from Cloudflare to SiteGround. Although we are able to send and receive emails we are unable to receive a type of automated email that comes via EDI services. We used to get these emails without issue while our DNS records were at Cloudflare but once the records were moved or entered into SiteGround we have been unable to get these emails. Does Cloudflare have some type of special setting that was allowing these type of emails to be received by our mailboxes? Is there a way to get from Cloudflare a copy or an old historical copy of what are DNS settings and records were before we moved them to Siteground? Any help or education would be greatly appreciated.

Where you using Cloudflare’s mail forwarding? Other than that, Cloudflare won’t have a “special setting”.

If the domain was on a paid plan with some time left on the payment, the settings may still be there if you didn’t delete the zone from Cloudflare. For a free account they will be deleted after 7 days…

You could also try the audit log which may show something…

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