DNS migration to CloudFlare did not bring all CNAME records

Just migrated a domain to Cloudflare.
Noticed that most CNAME records were not migrated at all.
I should have checked the records before changing the DNS settings!
I will move back the domain to origal DNS servers, but I really would like to know what needs to be done to migrate to Cloudflare.


Without access to your hosting plan, Cloudflare has to try to scan for all the most popular DNS entry names (and there are a lot of them). But it’s not exhaustive and custom entries sometimes aren’t discovered.

You’ll have to compare your Cloudflare DNS page to your web host’s DNS page to make copy over anything that didn’t get entered.

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Thanks. Will have a closer next week. Transferred to free plan for the time being.
2 domains with simple records not issues
1 domain with many CNAME records to external addresses did not get brought across.
Will try to add them manually in Cloudflare. As long as we can enter them in the correct format!
if that works, I will bounce DNS back to Cloudflare!

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